Mobilize your Faith Community by Taking Action to Fight Human Trafficking


15 Minute Actions

1. Put the 1-888-373-7888 human trafficking hotline number in your phone and share tell your friends to do the same. 

2. Let your friends know the best place to buy Fair Trade products.  

3.  Repost a blog from this site or upload a poster from the Awareness Campaign tab to your social media site and invite your friends to share it. 


6 Hour Actions

1.  Create a Fair Trade Table to host outside the service.  Or host one at your church fair.  You can use this flyer in a sign stand or print out this one.   (White backgrounds use less ink.)  

2.  Create a drive for a non-profit to raise awareness.  Simply call them and ask them what they need. Make sure you have flyers at the table. 

3. Create a movie night at your church.  "Priceless" is an inspiring true story and includes a faith based component.  You need to be careful about movies.  Many use the "f" word a lot, show rape and are brutal.   "Over 18" warns parents and youth about the dangers of porn addiction.

4. Mentor an at risk youth.  This takes 6 hours a month with you meeting them twice a month for a couple hours, then communicating in between. by phone.

5.  Invite a speaker to come speak during the service from a foster care agency. At their table outside they can answer questions. 

6. Take members of your youth group to the local school and ask them what it takes to have those youth start an anti-human trafficking club.

7. Take a group out to post stickers in bathrooms where there are victims like sporting events. 



1. Become a Speaker.  If you feel called to be a speaker, but have no training, then join Toastmasters and get trained.  You can use any of the presentations on the the next three pages.  Our Power Point will give you "hot tips" on what works to be a speaker.

2.  Do a fundraiser for a non-profit.  Our book "How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference," has over 20 ideas for fundraisers. 

3. Create a home for victims.  Simply partner with a non-profits who works with victims or contact Refuge for Women who will help set you up.  If you can get 150 people giving $35 a month, you can have a home.  One  church did that by having members of the church have pot luck dinners at their house and invited a speaker. Then at the end of the presentation people went on their phone to sign up.

4. Start a Celebrate Recovery or The Conquer Series at your faith community to help sex and porn addicts and the men/women who are in relationship with them.  The Conquer Series has a 90% success rate with regard to helping men overcome porn addictions.